The Earthquake – What I Have Been Doing

For those who follow this blog, you will know that, until yesterday, nothing has happened on it since before the Earthquake.

Many hundreds of people, possibly thousands, have been involved in the response since 4 September.  Much of it has been hidden from the public view.  At the end of last week I took two staff members into Kaiapoi and Pines to have a look.  They had both been working extremely long hours in the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in Rangiora but had not actually seen the area and the people they were working to help.

The EOC was in operation very quickly – well before 6.00am on the 4th.  We have four Civil Defence Controllers, and most of the controlling work has been carried by two staff members, Nick Harrison and Bruce Thompson, and a volunteer – me.  My role as a Controller has nothing to do with my role as a Councillor.

I have been on duty every day except one, and outside my time as a controller, I have door-knocked in Kaiapoi (starting on Sunday 5 September) and Pines Beach, delivered information leaflets, started to plan for the Recovery phase and reported to various groups about what is going on. I have also tried to keep contact with the Welfare Centres in Kaiapoi, Pines Beach and Tuahiwi.  In the first week, my days were about 15-18 hours each.  Every morning has started at 7.00am.

Other things, like this blog, have gone by the wayside!


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