The Full List of Candidates

Final Nominations for
Waimakariri District Council
2010 Triennial Elections

as at 23 August 2010 11:51am

Mayor Ayers, David
(1 Vacancy) Cole, Elaine
  Keating, Ron
  Leary, Andrew
  Wakeman, Peter Keith (
Kaiapoi Ward of the Council Atkinson, Neville (Independent)
(3 Vacancies) Blair, Roger (Independent)
  Brennan, Ben (Independent)
  Henderson, Lee
  Meyer, John
  Stewart, Sandra
Oxford-Eyre Ward of the Council Doody, Wendy
(2 Vacancies) Felstead, Kevin
  Gordon, Dan
  Smalley, Angela (Independent)
Rangiora Ward of the Council Allen, Peter
(3 Vacancies) Ayers, David
  Brine, Robbie (Independent)
  Cruickshank, Neil
  Gerard, Jim
  Stirling, Sharleen
Woodend-Ashley Ward of the Council Barnett, Kirstyn
(2 Vacancies) Cole, Elaine
  Farrant, Peter
Kaiapoi Community Board Brennan, Ben (Independent)
(6 Vacancies) Faass, Caroline
  Henderson, Lee
  Meyer, John
  Ryder, Steve
  Stewart, Sandra
  Wallace, Robyn H
  Watson, Jackie
Rangiora Community Board Allen, Peter
(6 Vacancies) Brine, Robbie (Independent)
  Caldwell, Alf
  Clarke, Murray
  Galloway, Keith (Independant)
  Gerard, Jim
  Hoult, Judith
  Miller, Greg
  Rathgen, Warwick (Independent)
  Smalley, Angela (Independent)
  Stirling, Sharleen
Woodend-Ashley Community Board Barnett, Kirstyn
(6 Vacancies) Cable, Rick
  Ensor, James
  Lundy, Duncan
  Nelson, Keith (Independent)
  Northmore, Mike
  Prickett, Chris

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