This District Deserves Better

A nasty and crude leaflet attacking a Council candidate has been circulating in Woodend.

Needless-to-say, the leaflet expresses nothing positive in support of anyone. And of course it is anonymous – these sorts of things always are because the people who distribute them are afraid to stand up in public and be counted.

The Waimakariri District deserves better than this.


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One Response to “This District Deserves Better”

  1. Kirstyn Barnett Says:

    Thanks for your support David.
    From my perspective I would be disappointed if I learnt that whoever produced this flyer is connected in any way to another council candidate or their team. I believe people are tired of personality politics dominating local government and want their representatives to focus on important issues such as a solution for the Cones Road Ashley Bridge and a long term confirmed roading plan for SH1 in Waimakariri. The uncertainty is hurting people and affecting their daily lives, and I think we need to concentrate on discussing the issues, rather than spending any energy on inappropriate, unnecessary character assassination.

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