War Songs Concert

We had a great time last night at the War Songs Concert, staged by the North Canterbury Musical Society but also featuring the Rangiora Brass Band, Toot ‘n’ Croon and the Rangiora Players. 

I guess you had to be a certain age (and, no, I wasn’t around for World War II) to appreciate the music, but a near sell-out crowd obviously had a lot of fun.  When you are dealing with war there were, of course, poignant moments but overall it was a trip back to a time when a lot of the music was designed to lift spirits through dark times.  With the full range of music-hall numbers, swing, marches and patriotic songs, our spirits were certainly lifted!


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One Response to “War Songs Concert”

  1. Jan Dyer Says:

    Thank you very much for your very kind report of our ”65 Years On” show. We had great fun during the rehersals preparing for the show. Meeting & making new friends along the way. I meet a lady who had been to the mattinee & enjoyed it so much she went back in the evening for that show as well. That is so good for the cast to hear.
    Good luck for the elections.

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