Doctors After-Hours

This issue has generated a lot of heat for those areas of the District that see Rangiora is their service centre.

It is clear that many are fearful: they worry about preliminary diagnoses over the telephone and the difficulties of transport late at night or in the weekends.

It is not enough to say that the new arrangements have “worked for Kaiapoi.”  For a start, not all seem to agree with that, and secondly we need to remember that Kaiapoi is only 20 minutes form Christchurch.  Parts of this District, like Whiterock and Okuku, are up to an hour away.  What is the Canterbury District Health Board going to do about the transport issues of the elderly and the child care issues of families with two or more young children?

Nevertheless, we have to accept that GP recruitment is an issue that has to be dealt with.  Our doctors are hard-working and the wider community needs to be working with them.

It is clear, however, that the current arrangement is not a long-term solution.  This is a fast-growing District of 46,000 people.  Surely we can get a locally-based after-hours service?


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One Response to “Doctors After-Hours”

  1. David Lowe Says:

    “Parts of this District, like Whiterock and Okuku, are up to an hour away. ”

    Or an hour and a half when the bridge is closed….

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