Countdown Approved for Rangiora

The proposed Countdown Supermarket for Ivory Street, Rangiora, has been granted a resource consent by the commissioner who conducted the hearing on behalf of the Council. The site is that currently occupied by the fruit and vege market and is zoned Residential 1 (higher density residential).

There were a number of objections from neighbours, in all directions from the site, on grounds that included noise, traffic and  inappropriate use in a residential zone.  The objectors included both residents and the Kohanga Reo over the road.

The Council’s planning officer also opposed the application, saying that it would have a negative effect on the Rangiora Town Centre because it would pull business use south of Queen Street, which is the southern edge of the central business area. He also said that the proposed supermarket would have an undesirable impact on the residential environment and the well-being of the immediate neighbours.

The Commissioner granted the resource consent mainly by considering the site as it is now as opposed to what it might be like if it were to be developed for residential use at some later date.  That means that the objectors had to show that the supermarket would create a worse environment than that which is currently or was recently there.  He also commented that the area is a mixed one at present, with the vege market, railway line and different kinds of housing development.

Anybody who submitted on the Countdown application has the right of appeal to the Environment Court.  The time in which an appeal can be lodged is limited by the Resource Management Act.  Note that the Council cannot appeal against the decision: because the decision was made on behalf of the Council, the Council now “owns” the decision.  Even although it opposed the application, it now has to defend the decision in the Environment Court against any appeal.


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