Air Pollution – Kaiapoi and Rangiora Not Looking Too Good

High pollution nights – from the ECan website

Location Pollution Level Yesterday No. of High Pollution Nights Highest Pollution Level 2nd Highest Pollution Level
Rangiora 7 10 91 84
Kaiapoi 8 23 98 95
Christchurch – St Albans* 8 12 90 72
Christchurch – Burnside** -1 6 62 59
Christchurch – Woolston 19 13 100 92
Ashburton 9 10 79 77
Timaru – Anzac Park* 33 44 148 124
Timaru – Washdyke 18 4 56 55
Waimate 22 8 97 69
Geraldine 8 3 58 57

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2 Responses to “Air Pollution – Kaiapoi and Rangiora Not Looking Too Good”

  1. Geoff Swailes Says:

    Re Air pollution. I have no problem with overall concept of reducing air pollution; but I do have serious concerns about how ‘pollution” is specified in legislation and further,the restrictions that are placed on Councils to not approve further development if the a/p target is not met.
    1.Pollution specification: This is defined as a reading greater than 50, over 24hr period. So is 49 acceptable and 51 not.? Yes by legislation, No by commonsense. Surely we should be specifying air pollution ratings with an avererage over a much longer period than a mere 24hours. Say,over a month, and bring the number down to (say) 40.
    2. Local Development. OK at 10-20 pollution days we have to continue remedial actions, but when we get down to maybe >10 nights it seems to be a slegdehammer approach to halt development totally,until we get no more than 1. Afterall as it stands now only 2 nights in a year of air pollution “55” will curb Council’s ability to issue Consents, whereas 2 nights at 45 will not. So just how much more health hazard is 55 vs 45.
    Sorry to be so convoluted David, but I do think that this whole question of Air Pollution and what we do about it needs to be taken out of it’s current “mantra ” status and be re-examined dispassionately.
    Regards Geoff Swailes

    • David Ayers Says:

      The Government is looking at this whole area and the Council has put in a submission. Amongst other things, we have submitted that it would be better to look at an average over the year, rather than the number of exceedences.

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