Councils’ “Shakeup”?

A newly-emerged candidate for the Waimakariri mayoralty was reported on the Radio New Zealand website in this way:

She believes all councils are in for a shake-up in the next three years – as has happened in Auckland – and says the experience she gained at the regional council will help her lead Waimakariri through this.

Well, there is only one Waimakariri candidate who experienced, and worked through, the reorganisations of (1) Rangiora Borough and Rangiora District; (2) the new Rangiora District and Eyre County; and (3) the third Rangiora District, Oxford County, Kaiapoi Borough and part of Hurunui County.

That’s me.



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One Response to “Councils’ “Shakeup”?”

  1. Bill Scandrett Says:

    I would support your mayoral bid. We certainly don’t want J K

    I am just a bit uneasy about your support for land value rates. Do we really have to subsidise the farmers rates? We don’t get their products at subsidised prices, in fact we can’t afford a lot of their products. They already get their power, comms, schooling etc at prices that don’t reflect the true cost of delivering them. Do we need to subsidise their roading, drainage etc as well. Or maybe I’m missing something.

    cheers and good luck

    Bill Scandrett

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