Oxford Finally Gets Its Water – and a Bit of History

New water is flowing into Oxford.  A new deep well in Domain Road has replaced a shallow, and vulnerable, source at Cooper’s Creek.  Prime Minister John Key turned the tap.

This is one of the schemes put on hold by the Council after the last election (against the votes of Kevin Felstead, Dan Gordon, Robbie Brine and me). The other councillors said they wanted a water “strategy” first. 

They were forced to change their minds when they were told that a government subsidy would disappear if they didn’t act quickly – mind you, they had been told that when they voted to defer.

You can read more about the history by looking at the Water category to the right of your screen.

The new water won’t come cheaply for the people of Oxford.  Rates there are due to rise about 9% this year because of it – but the people of Oxford have told the Council (twice – before and after the election) that they wanted this new supply.


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