Youth Strategy Launched

The Council launched its Youth Development Strategy today, with plenty of young people present and, probably a first, rock bands in the Chamber!

The strategy comes from a number of submissions at last year’s Ten-Year Plan hearings where young people, and older people who work with young people, made it clear to the Council that the District needs a strategy that will encourage the involvement of young people in the community and make sure that the needs and aspirations of young people are considered as the District moves forward.

To “walk the talk”, the launch was run by the young people themselves.

Also launched was a new website: which should be able to be accessed fairly soon.  I think I’ve got the URL right – watch this space!

The aims of the Strategy include:

  • To develop the opportunities of young people to connect with with their social environment – family, friends, the wider commmunity, etc. 
  • To increase the range of leadership and recreational opportuniteis for young people.
  • To encourage the involvement of young people in community activities.
  • To provide a safe and vibrant place for our young people.
  • To engender an environment where young people have high self-esteem and a resect for others.

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