The Dudley Pool 5km Rating Zone is Gone!

The 5km targeted rate on those properties within 5km (as the crow flies) of the Dudley Park Aquatic Centre is gone.

The Council has finally accepted that a District facility should be entirely funded across the District.

It has taken several years, but the final area of controversy around the new pool is now behind us. This issue has been constantly raised with me – never the actual amount, but the principle of it.  People have been repeatedly saying to me that the whole District is able to use it and that it isn;t fair that one section of the community should have to pay more.  The people saying this have been from both inside and outside the zone.

Those who voted to remove it (on my motion) were Councillors Robbie Brine, Kevin Felstead, Dan Gordon, Neil Cruickshank, Peter Farrant, Elaine Cole – and, of course, me.


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7 Responses to “The Dudley Pool 5km Rating Zone is Gone!”

  1. James Says:

    “The Council has finally accepted that a District facility should be entirely funded across the District.”

    Well that’s an encouraging statement.

    *cough* airfield *cough*

    • David Ayers Says:

      Obviously, I’m talking about the cost of building the pool. The users of the pool also, of course, pay entrance charges and subscriptions.

      • James Says:

        Be that as it may, it’s still a very clear precedent which has absolute relevance to matters of funding management and policy in other facilities in the Waimakariri district, including the airfield.

  2. Lisa Smit Says:

    Well done to those that voted against the 5km area you will be getting my vote.c

  3. David Ayers Says:

    Thanks Lisa – but the credit goes to the members of the community who, like you, made it quite clear to the Council what they thought of the special rate.

  4. Kirstyn Barnett Says:

    Well done David – pleased to see common sense prevailed, and the councillors voted according to their Ward Advisory Board recommendations…
    When I am asked in my area why should we pay more rates for the pool, I simply ask do they believe the funds for the additions to the Woodend Community Centre should be paid for by a targetted rate on Woodend residents only, or districtwide as the improvements will add a considerable asset to district community facilities.

    We are one district and I believe we need to avoid targetted rating wherever possible for community assets to avoid extra administration and consultation issues as well as placing an unfair rates burden on one sector of the community.

  5. Maxine Says:

    At last! Now who do we petition about geting the mayors name off the pool wall :0)

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