The People Speak

For the past day and a half the Council have been listening to submissions on the this year’s Draft Annual Plan – and we have another session tomorrow.

So far the following trends have emerged:

  • Strong farmer opposition to the low Annual Uniform General Charge and to Land Value as a means of assessing rates.  They support a change to Capital Value Rating.
  • Support from a wide range of individuals and groups for retaining the budget provision of $30,000 to support the new Youth Development Strategy.
  • A strong push from Woodend to upgrade the Community Centre and its surrounding reserve – and the public toilets over the road.
  • A loud-and-clear objection from Rangiora Airfield users about a new range of charges – and a similar complaint about new fees at the Kaiapoi Wharf.
  • And, of course, complaints about the 5km-radius targetted rating zone for the Dudley Park Aquatic Centre.

That’s by no means all, but that gives you an idea!


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2 Responses to “The People Speak”

  1. Lisa Smit Says:

    I was one who presented my submission against the short fall of finances for the Dudley Pool being charged to the rate payers in the 5km area. This was the first time I have ever done anything like this. I was appalled at the lack of knowledge the council showed from the response they gave me to the two questions I asked them. It seems to me that it was just a easy fix idea and the problem will then be gone don’t worry about those rate payers that this will affect. What has showed from this experience that those that voted this in it wasn’t going to affect them. They are not obviously on fixed incomes or even living in the 5km area they can afford to buy the basics not like a lot of other rate payers that live in the 5km area this whole situation needs to be dealt with.
    We as the rate payers in the 5km area need to stand up and fight against this.
    Lisa Smit

    • David Ayers Says:

      Thanks Lisa. You are quite right to oppose this unfair tax. Last year the special rate passed by only one vote (6 to 5) and those of us in the minority will try again to get it reversed this year. Our opportunity will come this week when we consider the submissions and make what amount to final decisions on the Annual Plan. (There is a further step, but it is really just rubber-stamping what we will do this week.)

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