Woodend Murals Unveiled

The opening act: planting in the garden in front of one of the murals.

  Two impressive murals were unveiled in Woodend on Saturday morning.

They are painted on the two walls of the shopping centre that face the reserve beside the Community Centre.
Kirstyn Barnett of the then Woodend Action Group was enraged some time ago when grafitti appeared on the walls and she decided to do something about it.   The result was an impressive community effort, with fundraising, donations in kind and voluntary labour all playing their part.
The unveiling (although the two walls are far too big to have been actually veiled!) was carried out by Deputy Mayor Elaine Cole, with MPs Clayton Cosgrove and Kate Wilkinson and a number of councillors in attendance.  The most important attendees, however, were the people of Woodend who now own these murals.

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One Response to “Woodend Murals Unveiled”

  1. Kirstyn Barnett Says:

    Thank you David for your support and kind words, we were delighted to have completed the project within 18 months and it was a nice way to celebrate all the positive energy in Woodend.

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