Rangiora Town Centre: What’s Going On? Has it Dropped off the Radar?

You might recall that the Council called a public meeting last year to discuss the Rangiora Town Centre.  What has happened since then?

At the meeting, participants were invited to put their names forward for one of two reference groups – one for property owners and business people in the Town Centre, and the other for “users” of the Town Centre (i.e. the general public).  They and a third group overseeing the process have met on a number of occasions feeding ideas and comments into the process.  The third oversight group is comprised of some councillors, staff and representatives from the Ward Advisory Boards and Our Town Rangiora.

Four groups of consultants have been engaged by the Council and they are developing ideas on such areas as business development, traffic, parking and the overall appearance of the town centre.  A lot of analysis of the current situation is, of course, being done and the overall message is that the Town Centre has a lot going for it and is actually very strong.  Much, however, could be done to make it even better.

The three groups and the consultants all got together a couple of weeks ago for a day-and-a-half workshop, followed by a public open day on the following Saturday.  Not many came, but it was advertised and it did happen!

The consultants have now gone away for further research and analysis and to prepare reports for the Council.

It needs to be emphasised that what comes out of this process will not be a series of decisions.  What we will get are a range of concepts which will be open for further public consultation.  There are rumours going around the town that the Council has “decided” this or that.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


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