ECan and the Local Councils

The recently released report on ECan says:

Territorial authorities (TA’s) within the Canterbury Region unquestionably believe that Environment Canterbury has failed to effectively and efficiently manage freshwater. TA’s view this as institutional failure.

I don’t know how the report can say this.  I have never been asked for my views on this and nor, to my knowedge, has the rest of the Waimakariri District Council.

I wonder how many of the mayors who have spoken behind closed doors on these matters can say they are speaking for their councils.

Last Saturday’s Press said that some of the mayors may be looking beyond a Regional Council and turning the District and City councils into unitary authorities (combining district and regional functions).

I think you, the people, should be given some say on this.

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2 Responses to “ECan and the Local Councils”

  1. too right Says:

    Thank goodness – It is about time we heard something truthful from the TAs. We are not getting it from the Mayors or the Ministers.

  2. Florence Says:

    Very interesting that none of this has been discussed by the Councillors at WDC. When will it be on a Council meeting agenda I wonder? I bet none of the TA’s have actually discussed the Review at Council meetings. I guess that way what is said by the Mayors can be hidden behind closed doors.

    I think TA’s should be very wary of any legislation that takes away a democratic process. Ta’s would be subject to the same law, if it gets through parliament.

    My understanding is that generally TA staff and ECan staff get on well, so it is very much a political issue.

    I would also suggest people read the Review outcome before making statments as there is alot of positives in there for ECan as well. I think Ecan should be given the opportunity to turn things around.

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