River Road Footpath Popular

One of the stranger letters to the Northern Outlook  recently was one suggesting that the new footpath in River Road, Rangiora, was a waste of money.  A couple of subsequent letters have refuted this, as do I.

Those of us who walk along here reasonably frequently know that this is a popular route for walkers, with and without push-chairs or dogs.  The footpath provides an even surface and safety from motor traffic.

The credit for deciding this goes to the Rangiora Ward Advisory Board who decided to prioritise this footpath.  The reason it is not sealed, yet, was to finish the job with the money available.  There was enough there to seal Ashley Street and Enverton Drive – River Road and West Belt will have to come later.

The Board is mindful, however, that there are other areas in the town that need footpaths.  Note that I am talking about new footpaths here, not replacements.  The latter are done in another, on-going, programme.


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