5km Rating Zone Goes Through

The Council yesterday confirmed its 10 Year Plan and the rates for the coming year, over the votes of Robbie Brine and me.

So sorry – even if you  live inside the 5km and are further away from Dudley Park than some people who are outside it, you are going to be rated more then others in the District.

And if you will never go for a swim and are inside the 5km radius, but are nevertheles prepared to pay your fair share for the new Aquatic Centre, you are going to be rated more than your fair share.

This is the final word – until next year’s Annual Plan, or until after the next election.


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One Response to “5km Rating Zone Goes Through”

  1. John Archer Says:

    John Archer Says:

    May 16, 2009 at 7:53 am | Reply edit

    Rating for the pool in Rangiora. Peronally I feel it should be a district wide rating for the Rangiora Pool. In saying this I wold presume the peple of Rangiora would be equally inclined to a district wide rating for a new Community Centre building in Woodend, an architectural upgrade for the indoor pool facility in Kaiapoi etc. The Rangiora Pool will take the pressure off the Kaiapoi aquatic centre and allow it to service its township and I do find it small minded of the Council to not look at the big picture. It has appeared that in the past the pendulum swung in the favour of Rangiora but has become a bit over corrected at the moment. We do need to foster some sort of district wide team building to remove envy and percieved favourtism.

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