Councillors’ Pay

Not a subject that generates great joy among the public!

Contrary to popular belief, councillors have been paid for quite a long time.  When I was first elected to the Rangiora Borough Council in 1983, I was surprised to find that I was paid meeting payments.  It was not much in those days, but it increased dramatically after the reorganisation of 1989 and has gone up steadily since then.  I am currently paid substantially more as an “ordinary” councillor than I did as Deputy Mayor eight years ago.

I estimate that I spend about half of my week doing Council work.  When I started in 1983 it was probably about 12-15 hours a month.

Another thing to remember is that the Waimakariri District now has 11 councillors, including the mayor.  In the 1980s there were probably 35-40 in the various authorities in what is now the District.  Rangiora Borough Council alone had 10, including the mayor. 

And yes, we have just had an increase.  When I find out how much extra I’ll be getting (I’ve already sent in an enquiry), I’ll be donating the year’s increase to the Dudley Park Aquatic Centre fundraising committee.  That’ll mean ratepayers will have to fund that much less.

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