A Confusion of Names: What’s in the Waimakariri?

For the General Election coming up, many of us know that we are in the Waimakariri Electorate.  Some of us (not me!), however, are in the Kaikoura Electorate.

And yet we are all in the Waimakariri District.

And there are people living in Christchurch City who are in the Waimakariri Electorate.

Electorates are for Parliament.  Districts and Cities are for local government.

Hopefully this will make it clearer:

  • The boundary between the Waimakariri and Kaikoura Electorates is the Ashley River.
  • The Waimakariri Electorate’s southern boundary is within urban Christchurch.
  • The Waimakariri District’s northern boundary (with Hurunui District) winds its way across country north of Saltwater Creek, just south of Balcairn, south of Mount Grey and then around the hills to keep Lees Valley inside Waimakariri District.
  • The Waimakariri District’s boundary (with Christchurch City and Selwyn District) is the Waimakariri District.

So: if you live between the Waimakariri River and the Ashley River, you are in both the Waimakariri District and the Waimakariri Electorate.  If you live in, say, Loburn or Sefton, you are in the Waimakariri District but the Kaikoura Electorate.  If you live in, say,  Marshland, you are in Christchurch City but the Waimakariri Electorate.

Mind you, some Waimakariri District people north of the Ashley River pay water rates to the Hurunui District Council – but we won’t go there!


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