Endangered Birds on the Ashley / Rakahuri

Nick Ledgard, the chair of the Ashley-Rakahuri Rivercare Group, has reported that last year’s wrybill fledging rate was above average, with three chicks making it.  Unfortunately, they all came from the same pair, who managed the feat of double-brooding – two chicks followed by a third later in the season. The other three pairs did not manage to raise chicks successfully.

The lone black stilt was the father of four chicks, but unfortunately he had mated with a pied stilt!

Black-fronted terns were present in reasonable numbers, but the eggs slowly disappeared (black-backed gulls? hawks?) and only 10-15 chicks fledged.

No colonies of black-billed gulls managed to nest.

And now?  Well, the birds are back in the riverbed, so take care when you are down there.  If birds show obvious agitation in your presence, keep moving.  This will allow them to get back on the nest.



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