Long Term Council Community Plans (LTCCPs)

We are entering the LTCCP season.

By law, all Councils, both District and Regional,  have to prepare a Long Term Council Community Plan looking out at least 10 years.  These plans project the work, costs and rates and are updated every three years with each new plan being issued in the middle year of the council term.  This means the first part of next year will be dominated by the LTCCP.

Although a council can alter its LTCCP in the intervening two years, the idea is to give the community some certainty.  The community has the opportunity to decide in what directions it wants to go and for what it is prepared to pay.

The process is much the same as an Annual Plan.  The staff crunch numbers and draw up necessary work programmes (this is happening now) and then gradually councillors get more involved, especially in looking at new initiatives.  In the background, of course, is the current LTCCP which still has seven year’s life in it – so this the new one will be essentially an update reflecting changing circumstances and priorities.  Early next year, a draft LTCCP will be put out for consultation and submission, with the final decisions being made towards June.

In Waimakariri, we will be talking about such things as  roads (always roads!), solid waste recycling and disposal, the Rangiora Town Hall, reserves, town centres and water supplies.

And remember: ECan will also be preparing an LTCCP.  On their programme is likely to be major new protection work along the Waimakariri River.



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