Two Bridges

The recent closure of the old Waimakariri bridge near Kaiapoi reminds us that ratepayers have a couple of sleeping tigers almost by the tail.

The Waimakariri Bridge on the Main North road is owned 50/50 with Christchurch and is seen by many as too narrow for cyclists and cars – and yet it is the preferred route to Christchurch for many Kaiapoi people.  Any major work will be shared with the city.

The Cones Road Bridge over the Ashley north of Rangiora is also a problem.  It too is narrow and cyclists and pedestrians feel unsafe using it – in fact, I don’t think a pedestrian could.  There has been a lot of growth in the Ashley-Loburn area and this area is within easy biking distance of Rangiora.  People have been demanding action for years.

The opportunity comes with the Long Term Council Community Plan which will be open for public consultation and submission early next year.

Bridges are very expensive.  Luckily the Main North Road bridge over the Ashley at Waikuku is on a state highway and therefore the NZ Transport Agency’s problem.



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