How Were the Kaiapoi and Oxford Pools Funded?

I have been asked how the Oxford Pool was paid for.  The following might be useful to others too.

Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre

Beween 1993 and 1998, $1,635,985 was spent on the construction of the Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre.  This came from a variety of sources:

  • Fundraising committee 39%
  • The Council’s Kaiapoi Electricity Dividend 3%
  • Loan (funded by rates across the District) 7%
  • Kaiapoi Reserve Subdivision levies 12%
  • The Council’s Pines-Kairaki Rentals Account 7%
  • Kaiapoi Electricity payment 31%
  • recreation rates (across the District) 1%

The amount raised by the Fundraising Committee includes a grant from the Community Trust.  In direct fund-raising (especially a house that was built and then sold), about $85,000 was raised.

Oxford Pool

The cost of this was $1,353,894.  This came from:

  • Fundraising 22%
  • Year 2000 grant 3%
  • Loan (funded by rates across the District) 75%

Please note that the above describes the funding for building the pools.  The operation of the pools (all three) comes from Community & Recreation uniform charges paid by all ratepayers across the District as part of their rates.



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