Catchment Area For New Dudley Pool Will Be 5km

The Waimakariri Council’s Audit Committee is recommending that for a targeted rate to help pay for the new Dudley Park Pool, a 5km-radius circle be drawn from Dudley Park.  This will take in parts of Ashley and parts of Fernside, and reach south to about the Main Drain.

This is one third of the funding structure – the bit that includes fund-raising and a targeted rate for the “Rangiora area.”  The rate will cover anything less than $3m not raised by fund-raising.

There are at least three problems with this.

  1. 5km covers a very small area. This small area will carry a heavy burden for a facility that will benefit most of the District.  This burden can be reduced by fund-raising – but those more than 5km away will have little incentive to help with fund-raising – or even contribute towards it.
  2. The line has been drawn “as the crow flies” (perhaps we are building a bird-bath?).  It ignores the fact that this is very different from road distances.  The result is that there are people within the line whose houses are further away from the pool than those of people who live outside the line.
  3. The line goes right through the middle of two rural-residential subdivisions: Loburn Lea (in Dixons Road) and Fernside.

Concentrating this rate on such small part of the District will put a heavier load on ratepayers on fixed incomes, many of whom live in Rangiora.

It also ignores Rangiora’s historical and continuing function as a rural service town where people come from a wide area for their services – including, in the future, the opportunity to swim in a covered all-year pool.

Do you think the Audit Committee is being fair? I was the only member to vote against this.  Those who voted for it included the Committee chair and deputy chair, Sandra Stewart and Neil Cruickshank, and the Mayor. 


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5 Responses to “Catchment Area For New Dudley Pool Will Be 5km”

  1. Annette Paterson Says:

    This certainly seems a small area to target for the main funding for the pool. I do remember bringing my children into Rangiora to the Library when living on the farm (thats 30 odd years ago). If they’d been really keen on swimming I don’t know where I’d have had to go.
    My only thought on the other side is that maybe the areas further out have their own pools to maintain. (I can think of Cust having a public pool.)
    Most others may have school pools but these are only open in summer.

  2. Felix Forgues Says:

    Hi councillor Ayers,

    Regarding the 5kms radius rates for the Dudley Park Pool, I think that it should be paid evenly throughout the District, unless Kaiapoi residents are the only ones to pay for their pool through rates. I would be surprised if it was the case.

    The more I learn about you, the more I think that you should be our Mayor next term…!

  3. Bev Tomkies Says:

    Hi David

    I consider the radius of the area is too small. People further afield will be using this facility, that is for sure. I think the council needs to have another look at and consider the rate should be paid evenly throughout the district.

    Reading Felix Forgues .. I agree Mayor next term….!!!!

  4. John Archer Says:

    I agree with the comments received s far. The rating area is far to small and should be extended. In the interests of the pressure on the Kaiapoi facility from users from out of town, I think it prudent that they recognise the benefit of an alternative indoor facility. If there was funding from the the Waimakariri District rates put into the Kaiapoi complex, then surely this can be published. If the pool was funded solely from the Kaiapoi community then there is certainly good reason for them to object. Where were the funds for the Oxford pool derived?

  5. David Ayers Says:

    Thanks John. I’ll put a piece in the blog on the funding of the Kaiapoi and Oxford pools.

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