Large-Scale Development

As Pegasus gets under way, we are seeing the arrival of large-scale development to an extent not experienced in Canterbury before.

Amongst the pages listed to the right of this site, you will see reference to Breakfast Point, Sydney. To enlarge the photos on the page, just double click.

Breakfast Point is a development in Sydney overlooking the upper harbour (technically, the Parramatta River).  It is a mixture of individual houses (not many), and low- and medium-rise apartment blocks on the site of a former gasworks.  Prices seem to range from $A550,000 upwards – the indvidual houses are well over $A1m.  Remember, however, that real estate in Sydney is very expensive.

The developers have put in a community centre (which looks like an American church), a club (with lounges, gyms, etc), a cricket field, a day-care centre for small children, a shopping centre and small supermarket. It’s not a town, more a small suburb, but there is an obvious attempt to create an environment.  Commuting to central Sydney is about 30 minutes by fast river ferry.

There are plenty of walkways and open spaces, and the streets are narrow and quiet.  Nobody has very much land of their own.

Would I like to live there?  Maybe now I would, but I wouldn’t like to bring up a family there.

Their promotional website is at .


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