Pineacres Corner and the Northern Motorway at Smith Street / Lineside Road

Transit New Zealand (they’ve just become part of something else with a new name) have floated some ideas about these two intersections.  Their suggestions haven’t found much favour.

To their credit, they’ve tried to address two issues:

  1. The Pineacres intersection of Williams Street and Main North Road is an accident black spot.  The problem is not with the merging maneuvre of Williams Street traffic as it turns north, rather it is Williams Street vehicles being hit by south-bound vehicles.  Whether it is because people haven’t looked or whether they’ve underestimated the speed of on-coming traffic, I don’t know.
  2. The Smith Street / Lineside Road interchange only allows vehicles to turn to the south.

Transit proposed that at Pineacres cars could only turn left out and left into Williams Street.  To get on to the Main North Road, they would have to go to the above-mentioned interchange.  To cope with the new access and the increased traffic, it is suggested that there be traffic lights on the overbridge.

It is fair to say that Transit are only floating ideas.  For a start, what can happen at Pineacres will be influenced by whatever decision is made on the State Highway 1 route in the Woodend area.

Opposition to the suggestions has raised a number of points.  These include:

  1. It is a long way to go for people living in the Pineacres-Moorcroft area to get on to the Main North Road.  For regular users, this amounts to a considerable cost.
  2. The area to the north of Kaiapoi is where most of Kaiapoi’s future growth is likely to occur.
  3. The traffic lights on the overbridge may cause queueing in Lineside Road (where there is a bend) and Smith Street.
  4. There will be two close intersections on Lineside Road – the off-ramp and Revells Road.

Council staff have suggested another design for Pineacres that allows for freedom of movement.  I guess Transit will be having a look at that.


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