What’s That Flapping Sound?

The National Party says they are going to borrow to build infrastructure if they are elected this year.  Sounds a bit like Premier Julius Vogel’s 19th century government that borrowed to build railways to help open up the country to settlers.

How about this list for our neck of the woods?

  1. A decent road access to Christchurch from the Northern Motorway – take it to the east of Belfast.
  2. Double-track the Christchurch-Rangiora railway so that we can have a decent commuter service – and put a railway station back into Kaiapoi.
  3. Run tram-lines from that railway to the centre of Christchurch so that we can run light rail from central Christchurch to Kaiapoi and Rangiora.
  4. Return Route 72 to State Highway status and develop it as a decent tourist route.
  5. Build a safe intersection at Pineacres.
  6. Triple-lane the Northern Motorway (the Waimakariri bridges are designed for it).

Yeah, I’m only dreaming.


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