ViaStrada Reports on Woodend Bypass Process

ViaStrada, the firm of consultants employed by the Council to review the process Transit NZ took to deal with western bypass options and to assess possible western bypass options, has delivered its report.

One of the reasons they were asked to do this work was that Infinity Investments, the owners of the Ravenswood property north of Woodend, have suggested a slip road to connect the Pegasus entrance on the Main North Road with the Rangiora-Woodend Road .  The intention of this is to ease traffic in Woodend and to provide a more direct route between Pegasus and Rangiora.  It was felt by some councillors that this added a new element into the mix subsequent to Transit completing their own public consultation.

The ViaStrada conclusions are as follows:

  1. The Woodend Transport Study conducted by transit was appropriately based on the current and future Waimakariri District’s planning stategies, current zoning and on the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy.  Therefore Transit’s assumptions and the basis of the consultation process are sound.
  2. Based on legal advice we have received Transit’s recognition of the potentially acute difficulties involved with the acquisition of land in the Maori Reserve is justified.
  3. The conclusion reached by Transit to eliminate further consideration of western options is reasonable.

“In addition, we have assessed several different western corridors but have not identified any option that would, in the context of the current planning foundation for the project, be considered viable or worthy of further investigation.”


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