Dorking in Surrey – a Rangiora Connection




In the Rangiora Museum there is an unusual silver object which you probably wouldn’t want on your mantelpiece.


It was presented to the Rangiora Borough Council by the council of Dorking in Surrey in recognition of the large number of food parcels that were sent from Rangiora to Dorking in the late 1940s.  Britain at that time was still recovering from World War II and rationing was still in place.


Since that time, informal contact has been maintained between Rangiora and Dorking – Christmas cards get exchanged, for instance.  The last Mayor of Rangiora Borough, Dorothy Harris, visited their council during a private visit, as did I in 1994.  A Dorking councillor made contact while he was touring New Zealand about eight years ago.


Recently, Wendy du Toit of Rangiora has researched the relationship.  If you type Rangiora Dorking into Google you should be able to find her work summarised as a poster. 


Dorking in about 1959

Dorking in about 1959 


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