We Have a Pool for Dudley Park!

 The Council has decided to put the proposed Dudley Park Pool into the Annual Plan for the year commencing 1 July 2008 (i.e. next month!).  This is the original Warren and Mahoney design that was put on hold after the elections.  The funding mechanism is that which was signalled in the Annual Plan (see elsewhere in this blog).

The voting around the Council table was 9-0, with the Mayor abstaining and Elaine Cole absent.

While the Annual Plan still has to to receive the final OK at a meeting towards the end of the month, this has always been a formality to confirm the rates, etc. that will be required to carry out the Plan.

From some of us comes a huge thank-you to a surprisingly-large group of dedicated residents who have worked very hard for this result.


We also thank all of you who signed the petition, made submissions, sent emails, wrote letters to the paper, talked to your friends, and whatever.  Without this huge show of public support, the four councillors who have pushed for this since the election (Robbie Brine, Dan Gordon, Kevin Felstead and me), would have been very much alone!


And now let’s all get behind this project and show how Waimakariri can raise a whale of a lot of money!

And watch out for Dudley the Dolphin!

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