The Future of Woodend

In my view, determining in what direction Woodend should grow and where State Highway 1 should go are easily the most difficult, and the most important, decisions that have faced the Council since the elections.

State Highway 1

Transit New Zealand says there are two choices for the highway:

  1. Widen the current route on Main North Road to four lanes.
  2. Build a new two-lane 100km/h road to the east, between Woodend and Pegasus.

Some locals are advocating a route to the west.  Transit says this is not practical.  I’m not so sure.

There are arguments for and against all three options and they are being strongly debated within the community.

Future Directions for Growth

Woodend is currently triangular in shape, sort of.  Current plans are for growth to the east. But where should growth occur beyond that?

  1. Further to the east and into the south-east?
  2. North beyond Chinnerys road?
  3. South-west across the Rangiora-Woodend Road?
  4. A mixture of any of these?

Some Questions to be Faced

  1. How much growth is sustainable in Woodend?
  2. Should Woodend and Pegasus grow closer together?
  3. What is the safest, quietest and most efficient way of dealing with through-traffic?
  4. What is the best way for local traffic to gain access to State Highway 1?
  5. What highway alignment would be best for local businesses?
  6. How can Pegasus traffic be dealt with in a way that doesn’t disadvantage Woodend?
  7. Does the presence of multiple-ownership Maori land to the south-west present particular issues for both growth and roading?
  8. What challenges are presented by Infinity’s proposal to develop Ravenswood (to the north) for housing ? – and what opportunities?

And there are more!


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