The Cost of Repairing the old Dudley Pool

Engineering consultants MWH have estimated that it will cost of $2.1m to repair the existing Dudley Pool so that it complies with current legal requirements.

The required work is as follows:

  • Replacing water filtration system, making the building compliant for disabled access, upgrading backflow prevention, repair grandstand structure – $814,000.
  • Repairing cracks to the main and toddlers’ pools, installing new sparge pipes – $103,000.
  • Safety work in changing rooms and around the pool – $126,000.
  • New heat pump, window repair and replacement of valves – $195,000.
  • 50% chance of having to repair balance tank, 25% chance of need to strengthen change room frames against earthquakes, investigate and fox water coming into change areas – $50,000.
  • Resource consent and building consent fees, preliminary and general costs, professional fees and project contingency – $789,000.

$50,000 could be saved by shutting off the grandstand so that no-one can get on to it.

MWH say this work should keep the pool open for 10 years – but the grandstand for only 5 years.


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